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Rara Lake Trek
DAY 01 Katmandu - Nepalganj by plane.

DAY 02 Nepalganj - Juphal (2550m) by plane - Tibrikot (2100m). 3-hour walk.
The trail follows the Thulo Bheri river, through immense terraced rice plantations.

DAY 03 Tibrikot-Balangchaur (2850m). 5h.
The trail goes along the Thulo Bheri river towards Tharakot. This village was an ancient fortress and a caravan stop.

DAY 04 Balangchaur - Balangra La Pass (3760m) - Kaigaon (2650m) in 6h.
From the pass, the trail descends through birch and wild rose forests and later through meadows.

DAY 05 Kaigaon - Chaurikot (3060m) in 5h.
Crossing of large walnut forests. Nuts are mainly used to make cooking oil.

DAY 06 Chaurikot - Mauri Lagna Pass (3820m) - Chatra (3380m) in 6h.
Mauri Lagna means " Honey Pass ". During spring, the trail is lined with blue lilies, azaleas and blossoming rhododendrons. Magnificent panorama of snowy summits: Gutumba (5608m), Mata Tumba (5767m), Bhahul Himal (5460m).

DAY 07 Chatra - Gotichaur (2650m).
Corn, potatoes, barley and buckwheat fields alternate with meadows and forests.

DAY 08 Dho - Camp at 4100m (before the pass) in 5h.
Peaceful and verdant areas strewn with shining irrigation canals and rivers. In summer, the flora blossoms brightly: orchids, forget-me-nots, geraniums, mint, buttercups, gentians…

DAY 09 Jumla - Daphne Lagna (3130m) in 4h.
The path steadily rises up the side of the mountain.

DAY 10 Daphne Lagna - Khali Lagna Pass (3500m) - Bhulbule (3130m) in 6h.
We will probably have the occasion to come across goat caravans, loaded like mules and bringing the salt back from Tibet. the path leads us throughfir tree and birch forests.

DAY 11 Roman - Ringmo (3510m) in 2h .
Bhulbule – Rara Lake (2980m) in 5h.

DAY 12 Rara Lake (2980m).
One of the largest lakes in Nepal, Rara Lake has a perimeter of 13 km. The surrounding hills are covered with superb fir trees and rhododendron forests. This region was declared to be a National Parc in 1975 and the two communities established on the west side were "invited to move" towards Teraï.

DAY 13 Rara Lake - Chuchemara Danda Pass (3800m) - Bota (2700m) in 6h.
We climb up to the pass in 2 hours. At the top, the panorama is stunning over the Rara lake and the close summits reflect into its waters. Thethe Saipal (7050 m) foothills are visible on the horizon.

DAY 14 Bota – Mashadhani (2800m) in 5h.
We head to Mashadhani through fir, birch and oak forests, which alternate with barley and cornfields.

DAY 15 Mashadhani - Jumla (2300m) in 7h.

DAY 16 Jumla - Nepalganj - Kathmandu by plane.

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